Active Citizens –  GGP UNICYCLE

Active Citizens –  GGP UNICYCLE is a non-profit programme that promotes community cohesion and improvement through civic engagement or volunteering in around 30 countries by the British Council and partner organisations which was held on 11th  to 14th of March 2022 at Thinnai Organic in Chunnakam.The programme envisages a world in which these increasing global connections lead to positive outcomes, where youth feel empowered to actively engage in the development of their communities. Representing the Faculty of Technology, Ms.Weerasundara Bandaralage Indunee Udumbara Wickramasinghe, Ms. Manthrilage Vidvanee Saubhagya Indrakeerthi, Ms. W.A.Senudi Hasanya Fonseka, Mr. Akbar Irshad and  Mr. Maharaj Hariharan from the Department of Biosystems Technology as well as Mr. Jenistan Nejuid from the Department of Engineering Technology facilitated the workshop.