Technology, by its nature, is highly sophisticated and has immense influence in the economic development of the nation and day to day life of human. Having identified the importance of technological education, the Ministry of Education together with the National Institute of Education (NIE) introduced the “Technology Stream” to the GCE Advanced Level in the year of 2013. The inaugural Advanced Level examinations of technology stream were held in the year 2015. To provide an avenue for the students who excel to open up their higher studies under Technology Stream, new undergraduate programs were started in the Sri Lankan University systems.

In line with the initiative of the government, the University of Jaffna, as the pioneer in Technology education, accepted to establish the Faculty of Technology. The application for the establishment of the Faculty of Technology at the University of Jaffna was submitted by former Vice Chancellor Prof. Ms. Vasanthy Arasaratnam in December 2015 to the University Grants Commission. The Faculty of Technology was established in 2016 as the 10th faculty of the University of Jaffna with coherence to the Higher Education Ministers order of establishment gazetted on the 29th of March 2016, Gazette No: 9/1960.

Since 2013, the University of Jaffna and Vavuniya Campus of University of Jaffna have been working in collaboration with the Standing Committee of UGC on Technology Stream to design and offer three undergraduate degree programmes: Bachelor of Engineering Technology, Bachelor of Biosystems Technology and Bachelor of Information and Communication Technology to mould the entrants as technocrats, capable of serving contemporary needs of industrial sectors. As per the request made by the standing committee of the Technology stream, the Faculty of Science (with the assistance of the Faculty of Engineering), Faculty of Agriculture and Faculty of Applied Sciences, University of Jaffna developed the preliminary proposal for the degree programme. The outline of the Degree Programme got approved by the Standing Committee of Technology and UGC, the Ministry of Higher Education in 2016.

The council of the University of Jaffna, at its 408th meeting held on the 2nd April 2016 appointed Prof. K. Kandasamy as the acting Dean of the Faculty from the 4th of April 2016 to the 30th September 2016. On the retirement of Prof. K. Kandasamy, Prof. S. Srisatkunarajah was appointed as the acting Dean from the 1st of October 2016 to September 2017. Prof. K. Kandasamy continued to serve the faculty as a consultant till March 2017. Both professors, as founder Deans of the Faculty, worked diligently and laid the basic foundation for the faculty by preparing the structure and syllabi for the degree of Bachelor of Technology and securing grants for the development of the necessary infrastructure, furniture, equipment and books.

Following the appointment of Prof. Kandasamy as the Dean, the Faculty of Technology was physically established in Ariviyal Nagar, Kilinochchi with three departments, namely, the Department of Engineering Technology, Department of Biosystems Technology and Department of Interdisciplinary studies in the neighbourhood of Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Agriculture. At the initial stage, the Department of Engineering Technology concurred to offer the programme in three specializations (Automobile Technology, Construction Technology and Electro Technology), while the Department of Biosystems Technology concurred to offer the programme in two specializations (Commercial Green Farming Technology and Food Production Technology). Since 2016 to 2020, the Faculty of Technology has been completely functioning at the temporary location where the Faculty of Engineering had been functioned earlier, with semi-permanent buildings. These semi-permanent building set consisted of 5 buildings: Administration Building, Engineering Technology Laboratory, Biosystems Technology Laboratory, Lecture Halls and Computer lab with Laboratory, and a few additional semi-permanent buildings were later established using the special fund allocation to facilitate workshop and automobile laboratory.

The first batch of students was enrolled to the Faculty of Technology in the academic year 2015/2016. The total number of students admitted in the first batch was 210. The inauguration ceremony of the first batch was held in December 2016. The permanent Faculty building (Phase I) has been proposed for 535 million, and that consisted of three wings: administration, Engineering Technology and Biosystems Technology (with a floor area capacity of about 5600 sqms.). The contract was awarded to Link Engineering (Pvt.) Ltd., and the construction was started in 2018 in the 80 acres of land allocated for the Faculty of Technology. By the end of 2021, the construction of the Phase I building complex has reached its completion stage and is to be opened. The Phase II construction of the faculty building, with the project cost of 645 million, has been granted through AHEAD fund. The project has been awarded to M/S Focus Marketing & Engineering Company Pvt. Ltd. in December 2021, and the construction works are to be commenced by January 2022.

Following Prof. Srisatkunarajah, Prof. (Mrs) S. Sivachandiran has been appointed as the Dean of the Faculty of Technology from October 2017. Four years since the establishment, the faculty has admitted the 5th batch in 2021. There is no doubt that the Faculty of Technology while emerging as one of the centres of excellence, it continues to produce academically sound and skilled graduates to cater the ever-changing technological needs of the nation.