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Welcome to Department of Interdisciplinary Studies

The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) is dedicated to equipping the technology undergraduates with the skills needed to compete in a rapidly changing environment by learning to identify, evaluate, and synthesize insights from multiple academic disciplines. While fulfilling the degree requirements of the departments of Engineering Technology and Biosystems Technology, the department aids to the knowledge construction in a wide range through a set of well-designed modules and activities.

The modules that are offered by the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies (IDS) are as follows,

From the Head's Desk

It is my pleasure to welcome all to the Department of Interdisciplinary Studies. The is one of the three departments of the faculty of technology that support adding additional knowledge towards the fulfilment of those degree programmes. This department offers courses in the fields of basic science, mathematics and information and communication technology. These courses facilitate to build strong foundation for the study programme and improve students’ skills which prepares them to successfully complete the degree programme. The Department of Interdisciplinary Studies has a physics laboratory and computer laboratory which are equipped with modern facilities required for the teaching and learning activities. Apart from teaching, this department teamed up with other departments to assist the students in completing their undergraduate research. I encourage you to explore our website to learn more about the exciting educational programs we have to offer our prospective students who wish to be known as University of Jaffna’s Engineering Technologist.

Dr. T. Ketheesan

Head / Department of Interdisciplinary Studies