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Welcome to Department of Engineering Technology

The technical advancement in the field of science and engineering has made engineering technology significant as it is the application of science and engineering principles to a variety of real-world challenges.  The aim of the Department of Engineering Technology is to produce engineering technocrats who will contribute to the development of the nation by disseminating the knowledge and applying the science and engineering principles to solve real-world challenges.

The Department of Engineering Technology offers Bachelor of Engineering Technology (BET) Honors undergraduate degree in three specializations as a four year degree program. The degree programs are designed to comply with Sydney accord and SLQF level 6. Following specializations are offered in the department of engineering technology which covers the broad area of the field of engineering technology.

The duration of the degree program is eight semesters in which the first three semesters are common for all enrolled students. The specialization program commences from the fourth semester and selection is made at the end of the third semester based on the student’s preference and performance in the first three semester examinations in Engineering Technology. 

From the Head's Desk

Welcome to the Department of Engineering Technology at the University of Jaffna, where we provide our students a warm learning environment enriched by a team of dedicated academic and non-academic staff. We offer our undergraduate students a Sydney accord based program leading to a Bachelor of Engineering Technology degree with an opportunity to select specializations in Automobile technology, Construction technology and Electro technology. At the University of Jaffna, we are adapting our curriculum to explore, examine and address the complex social, environmental, political and technological challenges of our time. Our department is equipped with state-of-the art technology classrooms and laboratory facilities. A distinguished feature of our program is its emphasis on hands-on Technology through laboratory and field experiments and engagement in student projects, case studies and applied research. These scholarly pursuits are aimed at supporting the technological development of the northern region as well as entire nation while developing technology solutions to societal needs. I invite you to explore our website to learn more about the exciting educational programs we have to offer our prospective students who wish to be known as University of Jaffna’s Engineering Technologist.

Dr. S. Gowthaman

Head / Department of Engineering Technology

Following degrees will be offered to those who successfully completed the degree program. Through both studies and research opportunities, the department produces well rounded engineering technocrats who can actively contribute to national development and industrial advancements. Engineering technology graduates will be prepared for a career in a diverse number of platforms including manufacturing plant, consulting firm, industrial and control and automation organization or research industries. Sample career paths for an engineering technology graduate include: Process technologist, Manufacturing technologist, Research technologist, Operational excellence team member, Operations supervisor, Process improvement leader, etc.

Name of the degree (As approved by the UGC) Specialization
Bachelor of Engineering Technology Honours
Construction Technology
Automobile Technology
Electro Technology
Laboratories and other facilities

The department of engineering technology is well equipped with modern technologies and sophisticated equipment. The department, with the Phase 1 building complex, consists of eight numbers of laboratories, providing an excellent hands-on experience to the students of each specialization. The names of the laboratories in engineering technology are listed below,