Student Counselling

Trained academic staff members have been appointed to provide counselling service to the students of the Faculty of Technology. The Counsellors are primarily responsible for student welfare, providing services in resolving students’ psychological, academic and personal problems. In particular, the following tasks are undertaken by the Student Counsellors at the Faculty:

  • Allocation of permission of lecture halls or faculty premises for extra-curricular activities of students such as get-togethers and meetings
  • Issuing of permits for trips, display posters and cut-outs
  • Assisting students facing emergencies
  • Assisting to resolve student conflicts within the University and outside
  • Take necessary steps to prevent ragging

The students can meet the counselors at their office. The contact details of the counsellors are presented below. All the information discussed will be kept confidential.

Faculty Student Counsellors Department Contact info.
Dr. T. Ketheesan
Interdisciplinary Studies
Dr. T. H. K. Nawarathna
Engineering Technology
Mrs. R. Viharnaa
Biosystems Technology
Mrs. S. Keerthini
Biosystems Technology
Mr. (Eng) S. Seralathan
Engineering Technology
Mr. (Eng) T. Sam Niroshan
Engineering Technology
Eng. K. Jeyamohan
Engineering Technology
Er. R. Athavan
Engineering Technology
Eng. K. Thanirosan
Engineering Technology